A gift of sponsorship gives a patient their best chance of recovery and return to health. Your contributions makes it possible for our talented medical team to have the tools and treatments they need to care for you and all our patients with the highest level of skill and compassion.

Each and every gift is greatly appreciated. Donors who make contributions in helping us reach our vision by sponsoring 200 lives and above receive special benefits as a way of saying thank you. Please read about the giving levels and benefits of sponsorship. 

Benefits of Sponsorship.

  1. Recognized Brand Ambassador.
  2. The Sponsor and spouse are entitled to three (3) months free therapeutic plan annually.
  3. The model to be adopted for ROI shall be “Group Pool” model.
  4. The sponsor(s) will be entitled to 5% group pool profit emanating from the entire centre in Nigeria.

Sharing Formula of ROI:    5% of Total Earning (All Centres) / Number of Sponsor

  1. Returns shall be paid quarterly or yearly.

Let’s walk together to bring life changing care to everyone who needs it.