Our Special interest group enables people and the local community the opportunity to come together, create change and positively impact society.

We create a platform for people to release some of their struggles through open communication, but to also hear about how others use strategies to overcome similar experiences and difficulties while also providing advice and assistance when needed.

Waka2cure special interest group includes:
  • Stroke Support Group (SSG)
  • Arthritis Support Group (ASG)
  • Pain Support Group (PSG)
  • Men’s Support Group “Erectile Dysfunction / Prostrate” (MSG)
  • Women’s Support Group (WSG)
  • Disability Support Group (DSG)
  • Addiction Interest Group (AIG)
  • PTSD Support Group
  • Diabetes Support Group (DSG)
  • Wellness Interest Group (WIG)
  • Cancer Support Group (CSG)
  • Elder (senior)Support Group (ESG)
Stroke Support Group (SSG)

Recovering from a stroke can be a physically and mentally exhausting process for any individual.  Our SIG offers members, careers, families, and friends the support they need to address the lingering effects of stroke, such as mobility limitations and speech difficulties.

A platform to learn more about stroke, and self-care and to build confidence as survivors rebuild their lives after stroke. The support group does not only offer the chance to socialize, it encourages wellness by helping survivors work through everyday difficulties. It is also a place to occasionally meet with experts or exchange with helpful information, such as how to connect to local stroke resources.