Whether you are a member of WASIG or thinking about joining, WASIG continuously strives to make membership valuable.

To remain an active member of the support community and enjoy all the membership benefits, members are expected to pay their membership dues. Members can join as many groups as they like. Non-members can join our groups for a limited period of time, but will need to become a registered WASIG members if they wish to continue attending meetings and enjoy wider membership benefits.

WASIG Individual Benefits
Our member’s therapeutic benefit includes:
  • Provide intensive, individualized rehabilitation.
  • Maximize each person’s functional abilities and level of independence.
  • Provide extensive training and education for the person and their family.
  • Rebuild the person’s quality of life.
  • Organize activities that facilitate a smooth transition back to their home, community, school and/or work.
  • Learn and develop coping strategies to manage your pain (e.g. pacing, planning, relaxing, goal setting, communicating assertively, and thinking in adaptive ways).
  • Set realistic goals to start regaining control over your life, while increasing your knowledge of chronic pain and chronic pain self-management.
  • Remain active and engage in meaningful activities (e.g. recreation, household, vocational, hobbies, and social).
  • Identify other community services you can access.
  • Improve posture, overall physical fitness, emotional health, and quality.
WASIG Group Benefits
Some of the groups' benefits and member resources include:
  • A platform for education, training and continued professional development
  • A community of support, expertise, thought leadership, advice and guidance
  • Member discounts on therapy and other special designed resources, products and services
  • Networking amongst industry professionals
  • Networking opportunities and exposure for you and your business via our ecommerce platform.
  • Membership listing within the online WASIG member’s directory
  • Help shape and contribute to the sustainability of WASIG
  • Dedicated training and education resources, including events and webcasts
  • Access to exclusive, specialized content on our website
  • Regular e-updates for your group containing group and industry news, events and activities
  • Discuss topical issues with fellow practitioners and contribute your expertise and knowledge.
  • Opportunities for involvement in periodic consultations, policy debate and research.