Mobile Clinic Patient Registration Form

Waka2cure is a support community structured to educate the general public about prevention, treatment, rehabilitation, and recovery techniques for people living with Stroke, Arthritis, Pains, Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities with their care givers.

Living with these health conditions can make someone feel isolated. Friends and family members may not be able to understand the daily struggle to complete the simplest of tasks, and they may be worn down from care giving. It is essential that survivors get the support they need as part of their treatment plan, regardless of where they live or when they need it. Through our support group, survivors can help each other find and navigate health care by sharing personal stories and experience.

We provide affordable, high-quality health care coverage to our members, no matter their age or life circumstance. We offer a number of important benefits including providing expert assistance, solving health and related problems and saving individuals both time and money.

Most importantly, our membership gives an individual a special advantage by having someone dedicated to help them obtain the most from their healthcare experience through our special health programs and much more depending on your support group.


WAKA2CURE membership connects you to a global network of people who are committed to and support each other for improvement, prevention, treatment, rehabilitation and support. To remain an active member of the support community and enjoy all the membership benefits, members are expected to pay the monthly membership dues.

If you prefer to request an appointment by telephone, please contact the office directly using the details listed below:

Phone Lines: 09035000800, 08098005600, 08097008001, 08097008002, 08098004300