Community-based rehabilitation (CBR)

We fund research that transforms the lives of people living with Stroke, Arthritis, Pains, Cerebral palsy, Pains and Other Disabilities. We want a cure, and we won't stop until we find one—but we need your help. Along the way, we will continue to drive scientific progress that delivers new treatments and therapies to help people stay healthy and live longer

The community-based rehabilitation (CBR) was initiated to enhance the quality of life for people with disabilities and their families; meet their basic needs; and ensure their inclusion and participation. While initially a strategy to increase access to rehabilitation services in resource-constrained settings, CBR is now a multisectoral approach working to improve the equalization of opportunities and social inclusion of people with disabilities while combating the perpetual cycle of poverty and disability.

Though there are numerous reasons for this, one of the most commonly cited is a person’s inability to pay for treatment. This is devastating when you consider the number of people whose lives could be positively changed, if only they were able to access the help and positive transformation that can result from rehabilitation.

As we look to the future, we want to reach more people who are in desperate need to live a life free from pains. CBR is implemented through the combined efforts of people with disabilities, their families and communities, and relevant government and non-government health, education, vocational, social and other services. Your support will change the lives of survivors by funding vital services and life-saving research.