Waka2cure Legacy Society

The legacy society are those generous individuals who have made a lifelong commitment for Road to Recovery (Waka2cure) project through a very special and important form of financial support / investment.

The role of Waka2cure Legal Society is to promote, support and implement rehabilitation activities at the community level and facilitate referrals to access more specialized rehabilitation services.

Project Steering Committee (PSC) members are our partners and in many ways we plan a reward frame work (gift) to ensure Road to Recovery’s future.

What is Waka2Cure Project Steering Committee?

As the name suggests, it is a committee that helps to steer the project through from start to completion. The PSC is made up of representatives of key organizations who are partners in the project, and/or who have particular expertise or resource to invest or lend to the project, and/or whose clients are the intended users of the output of the project.

In recognition of your legacy gift or commitment, you are invited to join the Waka2cure Legacy Society.