Operation save one million lives is an intensive rehabilitation (treatment) plan that helps survivors  living with Stroke, Arthritis, Pains, Cancer, Autism, Cerebral palsy and other disabilities  to reduce pain, improve mobility, strength, flexibility, improve posture, overall physical fitness, emotional health and quality of life.

In line with the call for action on rehabilitation by W.H.O and other agencies which include World Stroke organization, World Arthritis Organization, International Association for the Study of Pain, America Heart and Stroke Association, our support community will engage and support one million lives access to recovery through rehabilitation.

Living with these health conditions can make someone feel isolated which results into many physical and psychological challenges that can affect anyone. The experience of pain differs from person to person, and there are different ways of feeling and describing pain.

In the search for relief, survivors often seek care from several sources. It’s hard for any individual to fight the battle alone and it is essential that these patients get the support they need as part of their treatment plan, regardless of where they live or when they need it.

In February 2017, WHO hosted “Rehabilitation 2030: A Call for Action”, a meeting which brought together over 200 rehabilitation experts from 46 countries. This seminal meeting highlighted the global unmet need for rehabilitation, calling for coordinated action and joint commitments amongst all stakeholders to raise the profile of rehabilitation as a health strategy relevant to all people across the lifespan and across the continuum of care.

Participants committed to key actions, including: improving rehabilitation management and investment; building a high-quality rehabilitation workforce and services; and enhancing data collection on rehabilitation.