Who we are

People with serious health challenges face unique barriers to care: high costs of treatment, difficulty accessing medications, scarcity of specialists and more. It’s hard for any individual to fight the battle alone. But through this initiative by R2R Team, a subsidiary of THE MERIDIAIN MULTI-THERAPY LTD, is to show commitment to advocacy and networking, integrated medicine, mind recreation associated with nature is employed towards addressing key health issues in our society. We can help ease your burdens so you can reach your goals and hence we came up with Waka 2 cure Program

Our Objectives

  • Conduct research and translate knowledge into concrete, personal terms that everyone can relate to.
  • Inform policy by bringing the latest and best science into legislative decisions.
  • Convene today’s thought leaders to advance strategies for creating a healthy world.
  • Educate and inspire tomorrow’s leaders so that they may influence the direction of their chosen fields towards a more sustainable future.
  • Empower key citizens to make decisions that will protect our health and the health of the environment.


To tackle disease progression by engaging patients to discover their respective individual pathway to health and well being.

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