Get Paid to Live Healthy by creating a World without Pains.

Waka 2 Cure, Crafted With Love And Passion

Waka2cure is a family-friendly fun program that enables people, loved ones, companies and the local community the opportunity to come together, create change and positively impact to the society.

The program, operation save one million lives is an intensive rehabilitation (treatment) plan that helps survivors living with Stroke, Arthritis, Pains, Cancer, Autism, Cerebral palsy and other disabilities to reduce pain, improve mobility, strength, flexibility, improve posture, overall physical fitness, emotional health and quality of life.

We bridge existing gaps in care, and strive not just to treat, but prevent recurrence or further injuries with our policy of Treat, Train and Teach.

The therapy benefits include:

1. Provide intensive, individualized rehabilitation.
2. Maximize each person’s functional abilities and level of independence.
3. Provide extensive training and education for the person and their family.
4. Rebuild the person’s quality of life.
5. Organize activities that facilitate a smooth transition back to their home, community, school and/or work.
6. Learn and develop coping strategies to manage your pain (e.g. pacing, planning, relaxing, goal setting, communicating assertively, and thinking in adaptive ways)
7. Set realistic goals to start regaining control over your life, while increasing your knowledge of chronic pain and chronic pain self-management
8. Remain active and engage in meaningful activities (e.g. recreation, household, vocational, hobbies, and social)
9. Identify other community services you can access
10. Improve posture, overall physical fitness, emotional health, and quality

Become a Waka2cure Affiliate

If you’re passionate about helping humanity, seeing a stroke patient walk, someone in pain laugh, a downcast patient leap for joy, and not to talk of the fulfillment you feel in seeing an elderly smile then Waka2cure is interested in partnering with you on her affiliate program.

We seek affiliates whose values match our own: Family, Customers, Quality, Integrity, Teamwork, Passion, and Authenticity.

Our affiliate program allows you to promote any product on waka2cure's platform. When someone makes a purchase via one of your affiliate links, you get a commission. It's as simple as that.
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